Experiential Kit Driver Requirements

Who qualifies for the free Ivee experiential kit?

We reserve our kits for drivers who drive fully electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Specifically, see below for a list of vehicles that qualify.

1. Have completed at least 500 ride-share rides

Due to high demand, we are offering our beta kits to drivers who have completed at least 500 rides on any ridesharing network.

2. Have a driver rating of at least 4.8 stars

A larger part of a passenger having a great experience in a ride relies on a safe & engaged driver.

3. Give at least 40 rides per week

We are only able to offer our kit for free if you can commit to giving at least 40 rides per week where the Ivee experience is activated. If you are selected to receive a kit, you will need to commit to this minimum number. If you fall below that number in any given month, you may be asked to return the kit. If you fall below that number and are asked to return the kit, but fail to do so, you will be billed for the entire cost of the experience kit and any seasonal kits you have been given.

4. No other company promotion in your vehicle

The quality of our experience relies on our our technology and materials being front and center for the passenger. Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer our kits to drivers who also have another company’s presence in their vehicle.

Other Qualifications & Requirements

If you have one of the vehicles in the list above, you may qualify to receive a free* Ivee experience kit. Ensure you also meet the below qualifications and are willing to commit to the usage requirements.

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